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Emily Hladik, a teacher with several years experience in the college classroom, is passionate about sharing her love of history and politics with the next generation.  Each semester she noticed a decline in the general knowledge of most students concerning American Government, History, and Biblical literacy— and decided to do something about it.  She created Great American Studies, an eLearning website that provides academic courses in American National Government and American History to high school homeschoolers.  Emily’s years of homeschooling her own children have sharpened her teaching skills to keep the attention of any age audience.  


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Our Documents

Most of us leave high school with a vague idea of our founding documents. Some of us recognize a few lines from the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights, but many Americans couldn’t explain to someone else the history and purpose of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and the Bill of Rights.  Emily will bring clarity to the confusion by providing historical background, defining political terms, and by demonstrating how these documents continue to provide for our country.


The U.S. Constitution created a federal system of government.  So what does that mean?  Why does it matter?  Are we still a federal system?  This is by far the most important political issues of our time, and most Americans have never been taught about federalism beyond, “It’s shared power between states and the national government.”  In this talk, Emily discusses why the Framers of the Constitution chose a federal system, how it has changed since then, and what it means for Americans today.

Separation of Church and State

Do you know where this phrase comes from?  What are the political issues involved in this statement?  Is this good or bad?  While there are no quick answers to any of these questions, the answers aren’t complicated at all!  With a firm grasp of history, the politics are easy to understand.

Take a Stand in State and Local Politics! 

This is a hands on, nuts and bolts talk of how to get started in state and local politics—where you can make the biggest difference!  Hear the exciting story of how Emily and a small group of homeschool friends got involved in local politics in July 2020, fought all the way to the OK Supreme Court, and swept every local election for two years and counting.  Many believe the only politics worth following are the presidential elections every four years.  They couldn’t be more wrong!  Homeschool families are in a unique position to greatly influence their local government, Emily can help get you started!

Wise Consumers: How to Use Media Without Losing Your Mind!

The greatest danger to our republic is the large number of ignorant citizens, convinced they are informed.  The media is the greatest influencer of public opinion, so we ought to understand its methods and be discerning in our use of it.  Emily will share how she stays informed since turning off cable news in 2015 and how you can teach your children to be wise consumers of media. 

A Heart to Homeschool

There are a million reasons to homeschool and even more ways to actually do it!  This is Emily’s experience with homeschooling her daughters; how it all got started, hiccups and hurdles, and why she teaches with an eternal perspective.  This is an honest look at the inner workings of her homeschool, practical advice, and helpful strategies.  She hopes her transparency encourages other families in their own homeschool journey.  

The Grand Tour

During the 18th Century, many families gifted their sons with a cultural tour of Europe as part of their education.  Traditionally the tour started in London, with stops through the continental capitals and ended in Rome.  Emily will share how travel has become a staple in her home school and the practical knowledge needed to plan and carryout a family educational tour—in Europe or in the U.S.!  She has toured Europe five times, with trips ranging from group tours, cruising the islands of Greece, and most recently by exploring on her own!  Emily and her family have traveled the Southeastern United States thoroughly and are just beginning to travel out West.  Learn how to make travel a part of the educational investment of your children.  It’s worth every penny!

Parenting Adult Children

Most of us began preparing to parent our children long before we ever met them.  Books about what to expect during pregnancy, how to care for infants, and what to do when children are sick are plentiful.  But what about when they are adults?  Emily will share her own experience with parenting a child at college and beyond, and the principles that shape relationships with children.  


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